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Green Tara

(Tibetan: Dolma)

Bodhisattva of Salvation  

 Tibetan Amulet Green Tara

The Green Tara amulet helps to 

release fears rapidly and increases positive energies. 

It aids with problem solving, helps to achieve goals

and offers immediate protection against dangers.



 This unique Tibetan Buddhist amulet for protection from the Bouddhanath Stupa in Nepal contains the mantra of Green Tara: 


     The mantra has been stamped on paper, immersed in saffron water,

folded and wrapped in silk thread and blessed by a Tibetan Buddhist Lama. 




Green Tara, Mother of all Buddhas, Bodhisattva of Salvation and Savior in times of Distresswas born out of Avalokiteshvara’s tear (Buddha of Compassion). She is the protector against the Eight Big Dangers (lions, elephants, snakes, demons, thieves, water, fire and confinement.) and is the female embodiment of active compassion.

She reaches out her hand to all sentient beings. With her right foot she is ready to move swiftly to help those who call out to her. Green Tara is the pranja (partner) of Amogasiddhi (Buddha of the Wisdom). 


It is widely assumed that reciting Green Tara mantra


offers immediate protection against all sorts of danger

and aids in solving problems.    




Product Description  

Amulet with cord 

size: 4 x 4 cm 

design: Shrivatsa, Lucky Knot 

colours: green, pink, red 


Price US $ 7,95 


explanation card 



Green Tara AmuletGreen Tara Amulet


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