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(Tibetan: Namtoshe)  

Buddha of Wealth & Abundance  

Tibetan Amulet Jambhala

The Jambhala amulet helps to solve financial concerns,   

increases wealth and protects from harmful influences.




This unique Tibetan Buddhist amulet for protection from the Bouddhanath Stupa in Nepal contains the mantra of Jambhala: 


     The mantra has been stamped on paper, immersed in saffron water,

folded and wrapped in silk thread and blessed by a Tibetan Buddhist Lama. 



Jambhala is the Buddhist God of Wealth. He is pictured as 

a Buddha with a large belly and wears a crown of lotus leaves.  

In his right hand he holds a cedar apple, 

the symbol of wealth, prosperity and fertility.  

In his left hand he holds the mongoose that spits out jewelry,

which symbolizes generosity and fulfillment of wishes.

Jambhala is a manifestation of 1000 armed Avalokiteshvara

(Chenrezig) Buddha of Compassion. 



It is widely assumed that reciting Jambhalas mantra 

"OM JAMBHALA JALANDRAYE SVAHA" brings prosperity and wealth. 



The amulet can be worn around the neck or carried in a handbag or purse. You can also put it in a special place in your home, office or car like above the door or under a pillow.  



Product Description  

Amulet with cord 

size: 4 x 4 cm 

design: Kalash

colours: golden yellow, dark blue, red, white 


Price US $ 7,95 


explanation card 

 Jambhala Amulet

Jambhala Amulet


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